Episode 44 – Planet Hulk

In this episode, Curt and Kevin prepare for the Nov. 2 release of Thor: Ragnarok with the first of three action-packed installments! The month of #Ragnaroktober kicks off with a spirited discussion of Greg Pak’s swords, sandals and sci-fi epic Planet Hulk … specifically, The Incredible Hulk # 92-95 and 103-105, published by Marvel Comics!

Exiled into space by the brain trust known as the Illuminati, the Hulk ends up on war-torn Sakaar, forced to fight in the arena of the tyrannical Red King! Is he, as some suspect, the storied savior known as the Sakaarson … or could he be the whispered weapon of mass destruction known as the Worldbreaker?

Can the green-skinned gladiator and his warbound allies survive against wildebots, spikes and the Silver Savage and overthrow this deranged despot? And can they fight their way into the winner’s circle of that cosmic Colosseum known as … the Comics Canon?

Things Discussed in This Episode:

Join us next week as #Ragnaroktober rolls on with a special bonus episode! Straight from the Comics Canon vaults, for the first time anywhere, we share our pilot/proof of concept episode on Walt Simonson’s Thor debut, The Ballad of Beta Ray Bill!

And then, in two weeks’ time, it’s the second part of a Simonson twofer, as we discuss the writer-artist’s fiery conclusion to the Surtur Saga, Ragnarok and Roll!

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