Bonus Episode – The Ballad of Beta Ray Bill

In this special episode, #Ragnaroktober rolls on as Curt and Kevin travel back two years before the release of the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok – all the way to the halcyon days of November 2015! Yes, it’s the oft-mentioned, never-before-unveiled Comics Canon “beta” episode, a discussion of Walt Simonson’s The Ballad of Beta Ray Bill (The Mighty Thor #337-340), published by Marvel Comics!

While confronting a menacing spacecraft, the mighty Thor comes into conflict with the noble alien warrior Beta Ray Bill! Imagine the son of Odin’s shock and dismay when this extraordinary extraterrestrial grabs hold of his hammer … and is granted the power of Thor, God of Thunder!

Can Thor and Beta Ray Bill sort out this intergalactic identity crisis in time to repel the horde of gruesome space demons that threaten Bill’s defenseless people? And can they overcome a host of Herculean hurdles to hasten into that hall of heroic histories known as  … The Comics Canon?

Things Discussed in This Episode:

Join us next week as #Ragnaroktober concludes with a look at Simonson’s fiery conclusion to the Surtur Saga, Ragnarok and Roll (The Mighty Thor #349-354)!

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