Episode 3: Ms. Marvel, No Normal

Ms Marvel No Normal In this episode, the rubber meets the road as Curt and Kevin travel back in time to the sepia-toned days of 2014 to discuss Ms. Marvel #1-5! Kamala Khan may well be the most likeable first-generation Pakistani-American teenage Muslim superhero ever.

But is this plucky polymorph more than just Peter Parker in a burkini? Will time—and Donald Trump—render her nothing more than an intriguing historical footnote? Or does this shape-shifting schoolgirl have what it takes to crash that hallowed hall of marvels known as … The Comics Canon?


Things discussed in this episode:

  • The complicated history of Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, and Shazam
  • The quintessential 21st century superhero … a Jersey girl?
  • The best battle cry ever uttered: “Embiggen!”
  • Baseless speculation about the 2019 Inhumans movie
  • The most grounded superhero in comics history?
  • The efficacy of “super snot”
  • Overly sexualized teenage superheroes
  • Fan fiction about real people and other threads best left un-pulled

Join us in two weeks, as we point the Canonmobile toward the mean, blood-drenched streets of Gotham City to take the pulse of an aging Caped Crusader waging a one-retiree war on crime in Batman: The Dark Knight Returns!

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