Episode 2: Swamp Thing’s Anatomy Lesson

Anatomy LessonIn this episode, Curt and Kevin dig deep into the fertile soil of The Saga of the Swamp Thing issues 21-24! In this tangled tale of fearsome flora, Alan Moore puts DC’s mixed-up muck monster through an existential crisis that plants the seeds of a new era in superhero comics.

Will the flowery prose stylings of comics’ 800-lb. gorilla bog these issues down in the backwater of forgotten four-color flotsam? Or is this story of identity, rebirth and reinvention just bloomin’ brilliant enough to let our mythic marsh man put down roots in that pistil-packin’ parliament of pulp periodicals known as … The Comics Canon?


Things discussed in this episode:

  • The best single-issue story in comics history???
  • The hinky science of superhero comics
  • Swamp Thing, The Plant That Thinks It’s a Man!
  • “Alan Morgue,” Tales From the Crypt and E.C. Comics
  • “Uglier than Death backin’ outta the outhouse readin’ MAD Magazine and crazier than a football bat!”
  • Word of the Day: Epistrophe!
  • All this and … The Correction That Wasn’t!

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