Episode 6 – The Walking Dead: Safety Behind Bars/The Heart’s Desire

rickisawhinerIn this episode, Curt and Kevin trade in their crime-fighting long johns for prison jumpsuits as they hack, shoot, and slash their way through 12 lurching issues of Robert Kirkman’s never-ending magnum opus, The Walking Dead.

When Rick Grimes and his ragtag band of zombie apocalypse survivors come across a remote prison complex, they hope to make a new life for themselves. But they find themselves serving a sentence of maximum insecurity, thanks to a nebbishy serial killer, a prickly double-murderer, a pair of botched suicide attempts and Rick’s mounting bloodlust – not to mention an unending stream of undead inmates.

Will these habitual offenders fall prey to a menace far worse than a parade of perambulating corpses … the threat of their own baser instincts? Or can Rick, Tyreese, Michonne and the rest of this tightly wound community stop squabbling, brawling and hooking up long enough to earn that Get Out of Jail Free card that grants them membership in … The Comics Canon?

Things discussed in this episode:

Join us in a mere two days as we commemorate the upcoming season finale of The Walking Dead for a non-canonical discussion of violence in comics and the infamous The Walking Dead #100.

And then check back with us again in two weeks as we gear up for another AMC program based on a comic-book property by pontificating on Preacher issues 8-12, collected in Until the End of the World.

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