Episode 13 – Batman: The Killing Joke

KillingjokeIn this episode, Curt and Kevin return to Gotham City and put on their Dark Knight Detective caps to sift through labored puns, fun-house felonies and other offenses as they consider the strange case of Alan Moore and Brian Bolland’s highly acclaimed 1998 DC Comics graphic novel, Batman: The Killing Joke!

But first, they take a quick detour to the black-and-white days of 1951 for a very different look at the origin of Killing Joke antagonist the Joker! Listen to our heroes match wits with the Caped Crusader and his Boy Wonder as they try to crack the conundrum of The Man Behind the Red Hood!

Will our dynamic duo sentence the Joker to rot behind the imposing gates of Arkham Asylum? Or will the Clown Prince of Crime find himself laughing all the way to that big score known as … The Comics Canon?

Things Discussed in This Episode:

  • Mmmm … kale chips!
  • The joys of Golden Age Batman stories
  • Playing card companies make great targets for crooks
  • The shadow of Watchmen
  • “I don’t fully understand why ours should be such a fatal relationship…”
  • Why the Joker is the best Batman villain
  • Barbara Gordon and Women in Refrigerators
  • Alan Moore’s after-the-fact misgivings

Join us in two weeks as we return to the present to apply cold, dispassionate logic to The Vision: Little Worse Than a Man, by Tom King and Gabriel Hernandez Walta!

Until then, please rate us on iTunes, send us an email, or hit us up on Twitter or Facebook, and we may read your comments in an upcoming episode. (You may even win a prize!) And as always, thanks for listening!

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