Episode 11 – DC: The New Frontier

DC_New_Frontier_Vol_1_TPIn this episode, Curt and Kevin pay tribute to the late Darwyn Cooke, whose death from cancer on May 14, 2016, shocked and saddened the comics community, with an in-depth discussion of his award-winning 2004 masterwork, DC: The New Frontier.

Cooke’s six-volume saga, spanning the 15-year period from the end of World War II to the dawn of the 1960s, finds DC heroes old and new coming to terms with a rapidly changing world, touching on topics as varied as McCarthyism, the Korean and Vietnam Wars, the civil rights movement, the space race and the Cold War.

When a menace surfaces unlike any they’ve ever faced,  can Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and other heroes from DC’s Golden and Silver Ages rise to challenge the unknown, usher in a new era of optimism, and conquer that final frontier known as … The Comics Canon?

Things Discussed in This Episode:

Darwyn Cooke, 1962-2016

The Incredibles


The Right Stuff

Our favorite individual panels from DC: The New Frontier (especially this one)

The Spirit

Richard Stark’s Parker, Vol. 1: The Hunter

Join us in two weeks for a special non-canonical episode looking back at TV and film comics adaptations for the first half of 2016!

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