Episode 8 – Civil War


In this episode, Curt and Kevin charter a school bus to Stamford, Connecticut to weigh the pros and cons of the Superhero Registration Act, the ethics of cloning a dead god, and the problems of giant crossover events as they (rather civilly) discuss the 2006-2007 Marvel limited series Civil War.

In the wake of a national tragedy, a shocked and fearful public calls for the regulation of super-powered beings. Iron Man leads a group of heroes in favor of licensing, proper training, and (presumably) having government holidays off, while Captain America heads up a resistance movement not eager to take its marching orders from politicians.

Will this clash of titans end in blood and tears, with friends and families forever rent asunder? Or will our Founding Fathers come together to deem it a revolutionary tale worthy of admission into that Land of the Free known as … The Comics Canon?

Things Discussed in This Episode:

Hamilton and country singer Aaron Tippin

Kevin refuses to commit to one pronunciation of “Mark Millar

The pro-registration side jumps the gun just a little

Sue Storm writes the strangest Dear John letters

Reed Richards uses the world’s weakest computer password

Ooh, sick burn, Daredevil!

Join us next week for a special one-shot episode in which we discuss the joys of Free Comic Book Day! (Hint: they involve free comic books.)

And then check back with us again in two weeks as we turn our attention to one of the bigger events to spin out of Civil War, The Death of Captain America.

Until then, please rate us on iTunes, send us an email, or hit us up on Twitter or Facebook, and we may read your comments in an upcoming episode. And as always, thanks for listening!

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