Episode 39 – The Uncle Scrooge Episode (With Alonso Duralde)

In this episode, Curt and Kevin welcome special guest Alonso Duralde of the Linoleum Knife podcast, The Wrap and What the Flick?! to discuss three stories — The Seven Cities of Cibola, The Lemming With the Locket, and Tralla La — by classic Uncle Scrooge creator, writer and artist Carl Barks!

The world’s wealthiest mallard, joined by his nephews Donald Duck and Junior Woodchucks Huey, Dewey and Louie, sets out in search of seven legendary golden cities, an ancient civilization hidden in the Himalayas, and far-flung Herringtail, Norway, and runs afoul of the dastardly Beagle Boys — and one very elusive lemming!

Can a poor umptillion-fabulatillionaire prevail against those who would seek to relieve him of his wealth?  And can he attain that prize greater than any gold, more rewarding than a swim in any money bin — entry into that billionaire boys’ club known as … The Comics Canon?

Things Discussed in This Episode:

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Join us in two weeks as we get ready for another Netflix show (Marvel’s The Defenders) with the death and resurrection of Elektra in Frank Miller’s Daredevil!

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One Response to Episode 39 – The Uncle Scrooge Episode (With Alonso Duralde)

  1. Rasmus Larsen says:

    While Carl Barks was definitely very important in creating basically all the characters that we enjoy today in the Donald Duck universe, a shocking amount of the stories he wrote are fairly dull and lifeless. If you compare his work to the like of Don Rosa, admittedly an incredibly high standard to compare any artist to, you’ll find that Rosa has a vastly higher quality in both his epics and his shorts. That’s not to say he [Barks] didn’t write stellar stories – he truly did – it’s just that he also wrote some real (excuse my sacrilege) garbage. I hope you cover Don Rosa in a future episode!

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